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1What is Tanalised ?
Tanalised (pressure treated) timber has been impregnated with a preservative under high vacuum pressure, resulting in a deep penetration into the timber. This treatment process gives a much longer lasting protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack than dipped or sprayed timber.
2I have an ‘odd’ shaped garden and a particular required lay out, can you help ?
Yes, each building we manufacture is made bespoke to the customers requirements. We make odd sizes and shapes. You aren’t restricted to set sizes or designs.
3Do you install the buildings ?
Yes, we can install all of our buildings, saving you the time, hassle and ensuring it all fits together correctly. We also offer delivery and collection.
4Do you have buildings on display ?
We currently have over 30 buildings on display at our factory. We are open 6 days a week and would recommend a visit to come and see the quality and different options available.
5What sort of base do i need ?
The critical part is that the base is ‘flat and level’ and a minimum of the size of the shed. You need to always remember to allow room for us to install the building and also the roof to overhang. The base can be constructed from -Flags -Concrete -Timber Beams (Pressure Treated) -Decking -Timber frame (Pressure Treated) If you were laying timber beams: we can provide details which way our floor bearers run so you can run the timber beams in the opposite direction.
6Do I need to treat a Tanalised building ?
Tanalised Timber is pressure treated so it is protected against rot. Timber is porous so It will always benefit the building to have an additional preservative on it to repel the water.
7What are the payment terms ?
We accept cash, cheque, debit/credit card, Bacs payment.
8Is it cheaper if I install the building ?
Yes it is. On the price list we break the price down to show you a collect price, delivery cost and installation cost. The saving will vary depending on the size/style of building.
9What extras would you recommend for the building ?
We would recommend - Upgrade to the Thicker T&G Floor - Upgrade on the roofing material either high performance felt, onduline or felt shingles.
10What access do you need ?
We need clear access from where we can park the wagon to where the base area is. As the building come in large sections, we need to make sure there are no height restrictions (gate tops, doorways), tight corners or steps. We can still install when there are variations with the access however, the building will need to be manufactured differently and more delivery staff may be needed.
11What is the current lead time for delivery ?
As we manufacture each building bespoke to the customers requirements our normal lead time is 2-4 weeks. The lead-time can be much quicker if the customer wants to collect from the factory. We also have a number of ex demonstration buildings that may be available sooner.
12Do you carry out site visits ?
Yes we can come out and carry out a site visit in your garden. We can measure up an offer our advice on the size and style of the building that would be best suited for the garden and your needs.
13Are there any planning restrictions ?
Planning restrictions may vary depending on where you are located and where the proposed building is going in the garden. The normal restriction is if the building is going within 2m of the boundary line then it needs to be below 2.5m to the highest point. We would always recommend checking with your local office.
14Do the buildings come with a guarantee ?
The building comes structurally with a years guarantee.
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