Our Range Of Garden Sheds

Both functional and attractive, our timber structures provide the finishing touch to your garden

What makes our garden sheds stand out?

Our range of high-quality timber buildings include garden sheds, garden storage, summer houses and play houses. Each one designed to suit your home and garden. Sheds are a British institution that are perfect for storing tools and gardening equipment. Available in a range of styles and sizes, they can fit into narrow gaps or take pride of place at the top of your garden.

Why choose an Apex Shed?

The apex shed design has a roof that comes to a point down the middle of the shed instead of the sloped roof design, which you would expect for the pent sheds range. This makes it the ideal design choice if you plan to spend lots of time in the shed as a garden building instead of storage.

The pointed roof allows for more headroom while working or relaxing in the garden while still providing large amounts of storage along the walls. This helps to grant a comfortable and diverse space in your garden.

All of our apex sheds come in customizable sizes and roof heights. Contact our expert team to find the best option for you.

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Why choose a Pent Shed?

The pent shed design has a single sloped roof which provides a consistent roof height. This makes the pent shed perfect for gardens that have height limitations for additional buildings.

The high quality and sleek design can be the perfect fit for any garden that needs extra storage space. Available in a wide range of sizes, we can make sure that our pent sheds can fit into almost any garden.

To find out how to get the best shed for your garden by contacting one of our experts on 01384 482 542

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