Give your garden a touch of class with our range of fencing, trellis and screening

Beautiful gardens start from the outside in – so why not surround your garden with fencing that is sure to make your neighbours green with envy. We are able to use fencing for several uses. For example, eyesores such as bins can be hidden behind timber panels and space can be created in a garden by using fencing as a divider. Our fencing is available in a range of styles and colours to ensure your garden stands out from the crowd.

View our prices below and contact us today to tell us about your gardening project, and ask us how we can help.

Feather Edge Panels

Here at The Shed Shop, we stock many types of fence panels, and one of the most popular is the Feather Edge. There are good reasons for this as they are a simple, effective design and offer great value for money. These panels are ideal for your garden as they combine an elegant look with long-lasting durability. We can cater for all size requirements – check
out our great prices below.

  • 6×2 – £28.00
  • 6×3 – £30.00
  • 6×4 – £32.00
  • 6×5 – £34.00
  • 6×6 – £36.00

Overlap Panels

Overlap fence panels are another firm favourite for our beloved gardens, and for good reason. They are a strong, reliable choice, perfect for creating boundaries or screening areas. As the name suggests this traditional style panel is created from overlapping horizontal boards and gives a lovely rustic appearance. For extra rigidity, the panels are framed with rectangular battens and capped at the top. We sell a range of sizes so why not give us a call today.

  • 6×2 – £22.00
  • 6×3 – £2300
  • 6×4 – £24.00
  • 6×5 – £25.00
  • 6×6 – £26.00

Concrete Posts

The Shed Shop doesn’t just supply fence panels, we also supply the supporting posts and accessories to finish the job. Concrete posts are the ideal material for supporting timber panels as they are solid and very strong. Unlike timber they do not rot and get damaged despite the worst of the English weather. Furthermore, they do not need brackets or fixings, making concrete an attractive long-term investment.

  • 5ft Post – £18.00
  • 6ft Post – £18.00
  • 7ft Post – £18.00
  • 8ft Post – £18.00
  • 9ft Post – £125.00
  • 10ft Post – POA
post concrete (1)

Timber Posts

At The Shed Shop we can offer you a choice of attractive timber posts, including a wide range of sizes and weather treatments. We have such a wide range that we are sure we can supply you with a post to suit your choice of fence panel. Due to the damaging effects of the weather and insects it is important to effectively treat timber posts, as they can be prone to premature aging and rot.

  • 6ft Post – £8.00
  • 8ft Post – £10.00
  • 10ft Post – £12.00

Gravel Boards & Post Mix

Gravel boards are usually in concrete or timber and work by lifting the fence panels off the ground to reduce the chance of moisture getting into the wood. While concrete boards are more expensive, they last longer and should prove more cost effective in the long run. Wooden boards are considered more attractive but are more prone to rotting and damage.

  • Rock Face (6ft x 1ft) – £15.00
  • Plain (6ft x 1ft) – £15.00
  • Post Mix (20kg) – £6.00 (per bag)